TSC wealth declaration forms

Under the Public Officers Ethics Act 2003, all employees have the need to submit their income, assets and liabilities. This is a requirement that all employees should abide by. Teachers are among these employees and in this article we will provide the download link to the TSC Wealth Declaration Form also called the Declaration of Income, Assets & Liabilities (section 26) as per the Public officers ethics Act 2003. The form should be filled by all employees be it those of the National Police Service, University workers, teachers and all who are employed.

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The TSC wealth declaration was previously done offline using the forms. The system has devised a new way where teachers can submit their wealth declarations. The government wishes to have all employed staff declare their income, assets and liabilities they might be servicing.

TSC wealth declaration forms

TSC Wealth Declaration Forms

Sometimes it is quite hard to get forms. It is close to impossible finding the right forms. This article we will provide a link where you can download the TSC Wealth declaration form, fill it and submit to relevant offices.

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The forms requires all teachers to provide full names, date and place birth. The marital status is a must alongside employment information. Employment information would include the following: –

  • Name of Employer
  • Designation
  • TSC No
  • Nature of employment (Permanent, Probation, Contract etc)
  • School or Institution
  • District

Download Wealth Declaration Forms

The wealth declaration also includes spouse details and dependants (under 18 years). The form also allows you to specify the financial statement date. You also have room to fill out your assets and liabilities; assets can be stuff like cattle, sheep, vehicles etc. if you’re servicing loans you should include it under liabilities.

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TSC Wealth Declaration Online

Hello guys you can submit TSC Wealth Declaration online now. We will provide the full procedure in due course. Probably today or tomorrow. Read more about it


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