Truecaller seemingly looks like an app that has grown over ages with the first use of them being on small device running on Symbian or BB10. Majorly these are Nokia phones for Symbian. The company acknowledges what these devices did for them is quite commendable.

However, something has changed and millions of users have their phones running on either Android, iOS or Windows and so is the company ending support for the Nokia, Symbian and BB10 phones. If you would walk in their shoes actually it is quite a smaller number of people who use these phones.

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Support for Truecaller services for the said phones will be terminated not today but in some two months time that’s in September, 2016. This is to give the company more room to focus only on what’s best for their users. Those who use Android, iOS or Windows 10.

So a polite message from Truecaller is,  if you’re using feature phones that support such services, known for Symbian devices, then upgrade.

Image source: Truecaller


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