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How to place a jackpot bet on Sportpesa

Step 1. After logging in to your SportPesa account, click on the Jackpot banner on the left hand side of your screen or just below the first menu on mobile handset that's...

How to access Whatsapp on PC or Mobile Web

Since it's acquisition by Facebook there have been several improvements in the way people communicate on Whatsapp. Read a Review of Whatsapp vs BBM Whatsapp launched the web version of the whatsapp on...
How to Register onSportpesa

How to register on Sportpesa

You're probably new to Sportpesa and you need to make some money betting well we have got you some tips on how to register on Sportpesa. Sportpesa is the fastest growing betting...

How to place a bet on Sportpesa

On all football matches quoted on S-PESA’s Game ID’S, you have an opportunity to predict the outcome of the game, there are 3 possible results in any game: 1. Home win (1) 2....