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Tunukiwa Offers

Safaricom organizes Tunukiwa Offers to Voice, Data and SMS

Safaricom has done something lately and this is making the Tunukiwa Offers permanent. Tunukiwa Offers entails customized offers for individuals that could include daily SMS or those that could last for...
How to Pay JamboPay Tickets via Airtel Money

How to pay JAMBOPAY Tickets via Airtel Money

It will be wrong to dismiss Airtel Kenya even though their mobile money has not been upto speed with Safaricom's MPESA. Following recent boycott called by the National Super Alliance, their...

How to Apply for an Interim Driving License using eCitizen Portal

eCitizen Portal is a one stop online service portal that can basically service most of the things done by Huduma Centres. Applying for a driving license is basically done online. Inasmuch...

Safaricom Home Fibre Packages and Prices

Safaricom Home Fibre is an internet service that provides uses access to fast internet connection. Safaricom is enabling users to be able to share and use internet at their homes with...

OperaPay (Opay) Purchase Airtime and Pay with Mpesa

While looking and testing out my browsers I noticed something 'Opay' and I was curious to check it out. "Opay' is just a combination of the word Opera and Pay. OperaPay is...
ntsa motor vehicle logbook transfer charges

NTSA Motor Vehicle Logbook Transfer Charges

Nation Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) managed to change how users can transfer motor vehicles to new owners after they purchase. However, there are charges that are required to be settled...

Top 8 Betting Sites in Kenya and their MPESA Business Numbers

Seeing the entry of SportPesa into the Kenyan market in the year 2014, there has been new entrants into the betting or gambling business. They are thriving well even though they...

How to Pay Dstv Subscription via MPESA

Time when cash was the only option were so hectic. Imagine moving for long distance to access offices for cash or physical payment. Thanks to mobile money, you can now easily...

How to Apply for Certificate of Good Conduct Online

Huduma Centers in Kenya have been a wonderful step in realizing and making efficient these services, the launching of the self service portal eCitizen has simplified a series of things within...

How to Apply for a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) via iTax in Kenya

Kenyans by vast majority are entitled to pay taxes. Even if this involves filing nil returns for those who are not yet employed or those who are self employed and haven't...