A wristwatch that can record high definition video, do some good audio and at the same time act as a USB drive. A 16GB USB flash drive. This wristwatch is a good and employs latest design with a metallic belt breaking away from the norm of leather belts. This speaks for your personality if you’re into it so much.

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The wristwatch features a powerful battery, a HD camera, high quality sound recorder and an amazing 16GB storage for the wristwatch. 

Spy Camera Wristwatch
The wristwatch is a powerful camera for investigative purposes. The device has one wonderful 16GB built in storage. It records avi format of videos with a resolution of 640*480 pixels. The videos are recorded at a rate of 30fps (frames per second). 

The device supports all operating systems be it Windows/Mac/Vista etc. 

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The device also takes great pictures with a screen resolution 1600*1200. The pictures are of HD quality and are just amazing. 

The wristwatch is built with an inbuilt lithium ion polymer battery that can actually last long. The device has a rechargeable battery and you can use it anywhere you wish. 

The wrist watch uses an inbuilt microphone to record all audio at the best quality. 

It has a USB port and can be used as a USB drive. The wrist watch has dimensions of 40*18mm dimensions with 18mm being the height.

Its display has an Analog 12 hour display. It also dial designed differently depending on the kind of wristwatch you got. 

You can use a USB cable to view your pictures and videos from your 16GB USB drive wristwatch.


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