Well, well. So have you ever asked Google a question? Was it answered? Here are the Things you didn’t know you could ask Google.

 Things You didn't Know you Could Ask Google

  1. Text without your thumbs
  2. Making plans, made easy
  3. Shine a light with your voice
  4. Open apps like a magician
  5. Dial a phone number without touching a thing
  6. Get a download of the upcoming day
  7. Safely turn on TuneIn while driving
  8. Find your next home easily with Trulia, Zillow, and Realtor.com
  9. Start your Lincoln car by voice
  10. Decide what movie to watch with Flixster
  11. Discover new music with Shazam
  12. Catch deals more easily with Walmart
  13. Listen in to NPR, hands free
  14. Your questions, answered
  15. Travel with a little less hassle
  16. Come home to a full fridge with Instacart
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Those are the Things You didn’t Know you Could Ask Google.


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