The promotional Video Announcing LG G4


LG has published a promotional video on the company’s YouTube account that was used yesterday to show off the newly announced LG G4. This was so as a way to promote the gadget that is soon hitting the market.

The promotional Video Announcing LG G4

The official video itself is really well produced, showing off numerous advances the company has made with the latest version of the flagship Android smartphone. From the improved optics with the F1.8 lens to the impressive battery life thanks to the massive 3,000mAh power plant. Sure, it may resemble the G3, but LG has packed some notable improvements under-the-hood.

Not everything is brilliant with the G4, however. We’ve even gone as far as to note some features to turn off on the new flagship from LG.

The video by LG Mobile Global is below:

Source: Android Central

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