XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear earphones

It is been long since I received this product, the Original Xiaomi Pro HD in-ear earphones. However, time is money and we are here to make that. Wanna know how they feel in the ear, board this train and lets see how they look and feel.

These are indeed the Original Xiaomi Pro HD thanks to the quality of sound that comes out of the speakers on either side. The earphones are an ideal partner with unique design and can quickly slide into that ear. The Original Xiaomi Pro HD In-ear earphones are feature such a well designed and fitting edge that they won’t fall off your ears.

For the time I have spend with these earphones, I definitely have fallen in love with it. Remember, the Tecno’s Boom Headphones, well they are nothing as compared to the Original XiaoMi Pro HD earphones. They come with replacement for ear caps just in case they have run loose and you need some tight earphones in your ears.

In the Box

  1. Top and Bottom Plastic clear covers
  2. 3 pairs of ear caps replacement
  3. XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear earphones
  4. Cloth bag
  5. Earphones cable manager
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XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear earphones

XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear earphones Review


The XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear earphones are unique and beautifully designed. The device comes in a box cover with a series of stuff within the box. The earphones bear imprinted wordings on the earphones not the caps with name of the earphones.

The XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear earphones uses the normal 3.5mm normal jack and feature quite a lengthy cable that will definitely run from the device in your pocket all the way to your ears without strain. The earphones again have a cable manager whose work mainly crafts and on which the earphones and the cable are coiled to save space.

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XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear earphones


The Original XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear earphones are compatible with all smartphones and even computers. The earphones feature volume controls along the length of the cable that can regulate volume on the devices. Something to note though is that, the volume controls don’t work on iOS system.

The device features creative armature drivers whose work is to ensure balanced audio output through the earphones. The drivers also reduce distortion in sound quality the earphones.

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XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear Earphones Specs

Basic Information

Brand XiaoMI
Type Earphone, In-ear
Material Metallic
Cable length 1.2 metres
Weight 17 grams

Other Specifications

Drivers 3 in number
Driver Type Dynamic drivers
Connectivity Wired
Jack 3.5mm audio jack pin
Impedence 32 ohms
Frequency 30 – 40 KHz
Sensitivity 98 dB


You need an in-ear earphone? You should consider shopping for the Original XiaoMi Pro HD In-ear earphone on Gearbest. It goes for only $24.29 inclusive of free shipping.


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