Mozilla has always trued to bring its best to its users. Now we have Firefox 38 which is out and its release brings a few worth knowing features for both the desktop and mobile versions. So today I cast a look at the new features in Firefox 38 for both desktop & android versions of the browser.

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What will desktop users get? A new Preferences User Interface UI. The window is now displayed in a tabbed format, which is more functional than what Firefox previously offered and allows you to quickly jump to a particular tab.

The support for the autocomplete=off attribute has also been removed, a copy option has been added to the
Console, and then there are the usual security fixes.

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For Android users there is a lot to look forward to. Firefox 38 now has material design, allows you to send a tab to any one of your synced devices, and lets you send a URL open in other apps to your Firefox bookmarks or reading list.