Cubot, Cubot, Cubot. Well Cubot is a mobile brand that am sure many are aware of both in the UK, Africa and mostly other places like China. Cubot entered Kenya by making it the global launch of the Cubot Note S that has seen lots of publication about the Note S. However there’s another kid from the Cubot that is yet to be identified as one of the most outstanding with quite enormous battery. Cubot H1 stands out of the crowd as one such beast whose battery can still act as a power bank for your other USB devices. You can charge them from the Cubot H1 using the OTG cable.


Cubot H1 features quite a bright 5.5 inch display with an elegant but cheap plastic design with metal trimmings at the edges. This is seen as a means of reducing the device weight given it hides such a beast as the 5200mAh battery.

Announced September last year (2015), Cubot H1 stands up with dual SIM standby capabilities and imagine enjoying the juice in it for up to 2 days plus.

Let’s break down what is great on the Cubot H1 and what doesn’t please at all.


  • Monstrous battery lasting to 2 days o full charge
  • Dual SIM standby capabilities
  • 4G network connectivity enabled
  • Quick charge technology equipped
  • Great 8.0 megapixels selfie camera ?
  • 16GB ROM with a MicroSD slot
  • Swift multitasking with 2GB RAM
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  • Poor quality cameras more in poor light conditions
  • The Cubot H1 at 200g feels a bit heavy
  • Doesn’t feature good speakers (average in performance)

Based in the key  points identified above it is quite OK to say that Cubot is a catch for many given it’s just an entry level smartphone. Costing just under 15k.

Like earlier mentioned Cubot H1 stands up as a 5.5 inch screen smartphone providing such a good interface for gaming purposes. Standing out with a 720*1280 pixel screen resolution, this is not bad for a basic smartphone. However, it would have been better. The pixel density of the Cubot H1 is 267 ppi. In as much as it doesn’t provide the best,  it still gives what is good for you.

The Cubot H1 is smartly and elegantly designed with plastic body. It is built mainly with plastic body to try and reduce the weight of the phone. Think of a 5200mAh battery and expect a phone with a metal body that would weigh a little too high.  The design however has some metal trimmings at the edges

The display incorporates the 2.5D Arc technology in designing the Cubot H1 display. The technology in this case hides the edges of the screen from the user. This can shield such edges from sharp scratches.

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The Cubot H1 features a MediaTek MTK6735P 64-bit processor clocking at a frequency of 1.0GHz. The processor handles quite much of the multitasking efficiently.

Running on Android 5.1 Lollipop,  Cubot H1 is proud to run on one of the most efficient and stable be version of the OS. Cubot H1 doesn’t come with any free bloat-ware that we see on other phones. This is great because no one loves useless apps that just consume system resources.

On the other hand multitasking is easy on the Cubot H1 thanks to the 2GB RAM hosted on this monstrous battery phone. 2GB RAM is great for a mid range smartphone.

Gaming is good and efficient on the Cubot H1. Thanks to the good GPU; the ARM Mali-T720 that handles all gaming graphics.  This ensures that you get real color and of good quality not a blurry one.

The Cubot H1 as a phone features great specifications on paper. The primary camera is a 13.0 megapixels camera that performs effectively in daylight and clear lighting conditions. The problem with the Cubot H1 camera comes in at night vision or low light conditions, whatever the cameras capture doesn’t please at all.

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The 13MP primary camera sports features such as face detection, smile detection, Geo tagging, Autofocus, Panorama, Touch to focus, HDR and a LED flash.

On the selfie side, it is quite a catch. An 8.0 megapixels secondary camera will actually perform the best. You will experience wonderful video calling and plus the selfie shooting with this awesome front shooter.

Like earlier said, Cubot H1 stands out with great features and storage-wise it is a good phone. Featuring a 2GB RAM,  you can realize efficient multitasking and quick change over between apps.

It also is equipped with a 16 GB ROM, providing up-to 8GB free or available space for storage. Additionally,  this phone has a MicroSD card slot that can take up to 32GB of storage space. You’re definitely covered.

Cubot H1 features an enormous lithium ion polymer battery. The battery on this phone can go up to acting as a power bank to charge other small USB devices. This is capable thanks to the OTG cable that comes with it.


The Cubot H1’s battery is a 5200 mAh battery that can provide you with power up-to 2 days and sometimes 3 days on full charge. Come on this phone actually does it better the battery way.