Competition is real. You have to remain genuine with powerful products from your company. That I mean you have to endure in one way you beat your competitor even if they’re better than you. That’s exactly what the giant 18.5 inch Samsung Galaxy View Tablet is doing for Samsung.

Just some days after Apple said it’s next ipad will be featuring a 12.9 inch display, Samsung has gone ahead yo prove that it can do more. The gigantic Samsung Galaxy View Tablet has an 18.5 inch display. Imagine that, it beats even a majority of mid range laptops by size alone.

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Samsung Galaxy View tablet is set to revolutionalize tablet field with a super awesome gadget the giant 18.5 inch Samsung Galaxy View Tablet.


Samsung Galaxy View tablet now that we know it is the first to be released in the market with an 18.5 inch display, we need yo know other features. Can these other specifications up the game for the gigantic Samsung Galaxy View Tablet?

Table of Contents for The Giant 18.5 inch Samsung Galaxy View Tablet

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Gigantic Display

The giant 18.5 inch Samsung Galaxy View tablet is the first of its kind to feature such a display. Apple’s iPad Pro was close to that but a 12.9 inch is smaller than the gigantic display of the Samsung Galaxy View tablet.

It has a TFT LCD screen of 1920 x 1080 pixels screen resolution. This does away with eye effect caused by overstraining the eyes to see tiny objects or images on a smaller display. It has a pixel density of roughly 294ppi.

This large display of Samsung Galaxy View tablet guarantees better and streamlined video experience.

Latest System and Powerful Processor

Samsung Galaxy View tablet will br running on Android 5.1 lollipop which gives its interface a boost and makes it more presentable.

It will be powered by a 64bit Octa-core Samsung Exynos 7580 processor clocking at 1.6GHz. Its graphics are further boosted by ARM Mali-T720 GPU.

It boasts of a 2GB RAM which in combination with the powerful processor gives a high and superb processing speeds. You will never experience app failures. Never ever with the giant 18.5 inch Samsung Galaxy View Tablet.

Plenty of Storage Space

Apart from the Samsung Galaxy View tablet having a 2048MB or 2GB RAM, it’s also accompanied by a bigger storage space.

It has a 32GB ROM that provides alikuwa the unique and large space you will need for your storage needs. The 32GB internal memory gives you the ability to save all your music files, video clips, games apks etc.

It supports an external storage drive. This means that it has a MicroSD slot that take up to a maximum of 128GB. This is meant to supplement the internal storage.

Camera Specifications

According to leaked info, the giant 18.5 inch Samsung Galaxy View Tablet has a 2.0 megapixels front camera that captures photos to a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It also captures FHD video in the same resolution.

Giant Battery Capacity

Samsung Galaxy View Tablet is powered by a lithium ion polymer battery of capacity 5700mAh. This actually means extended online time for your Samsung Galaxy View tablet.


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