User interface is the look of icons in the smartphone app drawer. It is the feel labda the elegance of such icons that make a device look presentable and lovely. Samsung Mobile have their own TouchWiz UI, Infinix have the XUI, InnJoo has the InnOS. This time round it’s Tecno time. It’s time to go the Tecno Mobile way with a custom UI for their devices. Tecno Mobile’s custom UI has a name the HiOS. Even the name suggests a more wonderful look and improved interface but the home and app drawer.

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It is time to get rid of third party launchers on your devices. Apart from giving you a user interface it is also heavy and is advert oriented. Embrace the new Tecno UI the HiOs user interface build with love and ultimate intelligence with elegance and beauty in mind.

Tecno’s UI HiOs will be usable and available on the Tecno Handsets running with the Android 5.1 Lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The app icons look elegant in the HiOs UI for Tecno phones and are more of rounded squares.


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So tell me why you wouldn’t love the Tecno smartphones given now it has its own user interface. The HiOs what a UI?

More about information HiOs is coming stay tuned for more from Tecno Mobile.

There are a few images of the HiOs shared on MobilityArena.



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