Brenda Kwamboka Winner of #TecnoWatchMeGrow Campaign
Brenda Kwamboka Winner of #TecnoWatchMeGrow Campaign receives her Cheque of Ksh. 200,000

#TecnoWatchMeGrow campaign was unveiled earlier last month at Garden City Mall during the launch of Tecno Phantom 6 in Kenya after its global unveiling in Dubai. Tecno Mobile Kenya through a move to give back to the society unveiled this campaign to help the less privileged in the society.

Tecno Mobile Kenya wanted to help the less fortunate in the society and one way of doing that is by building a campaign that will see it sponsor and uplift the less fortunate in the society. #TecnnoWatchMeGrow campaign mainly had its focus on the youth to help them grow in whatever field that they are into.

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Brenda Kwamboka Winner of #TecnoWatchMeGrow Campaign
Brenda Kwamboka Winner of #TecnoWatchMeGrow Campaign receives her Cheque of Ksh. 200,000

TecnoWatchMeGrow campaign was open to everyone who wanted to participate. TecnoWatchMeGrow winners have bagged home big prizes that will better help them survive with their big dreams.

For each sale of Tecno Phantom 6, Tecno Kenya set aside an amount that was to facilitate the campaign in giving back to the society. A single sale of Tecno Phantom 6 chipped in Kes 200 for the #TecnoWatchMeGrow campaign that has materialized and seen winners that’s; Brenda Kwamboka, GQ Dancers and Angels of Hope Children’s home from Kibera awarded for their good work. To participate in the TecnoWatchMeGrow campaign you only need to take pictures or video footage of your idea that you want to realize.

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CQ DANCERS Winner of #TecnoWatchMeGrow
CQ DANCERS Winner of #TecnoWatchMeGrow Campaign receive their Cheque of Ksh. 200,000

Those with the most inspiring ideas and dreams are the ones that have been awarded as the winners of the TecnoWatchMeGrow campaign.

All you need to do was to share your story with Tecno Mobile including photos or videos not forgetting to include hashtags to the campaign and the Tecno Phantom 6; #TecnoWatchMegrow, #TECNOPhantom6, #TECNOPhantom6Plus on both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You also needed to tag the official Tecno Mobile Kenya accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@TecnoMobile, @TecnoMobile254 and @TecnoKenya respectivel7).

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Guess if you didn’t win this time, maybe your story wasn’t that inspiring and one word to the winners is congratulations on their one big time achievement. Campaigns like this don’t come so easily.

The #TecnoWatchMeGrow campaign ended just two weeks ago and the winner groups and individuals are now 200K rich. Can you imagine that? This is what we call giving back to the society. These groups will utilize the funds received as they emerged victorious to pursue their dreams to realization.

The winners of the #TECNOWatchMeGrow campaign were 3 in total and they are listed as follows:-

  • Brenda Kwamboka
  • CQ Dancers
  • Angels of Hope Children’s Home Kibera

The list above shows the winners that were awarded for their stories making it to the most inspiring ever. And now they have a big chance of surviving their dreams to reality.

Angels of Hope Children's Home Receive their #TecnoWatchMeGrow Award of Ksh. 200,000 for participation and emerging victorious
Angels of Hope Children’s Home Receive their #TecnoWatchMeGrow Award of Ksh. 200,000 for participation and emerging victorious

Tecno Mobile has build a brand and now it is selling the brand to the people. There’s nothing amazing as acceptance in the society. One way of getting that is by investing in it. By lifting those who have fallen and by constantly working towards bettering lives through technology.

Tecno Phantom 6 Duo aren’t just phone they have been a contribution to the society through the campaign launched in their name. The campaign that Tecno Mobile Kenya has sponsored through the sales of these two amazing flagship phones that have made it to the top list of good spec’d devices in Africa.

You can hit up Tecno Mobile Kenya on Facebook(@Tecno Mobile), Twitter (@TECNOMobile254) and Instagram (@TecnoKenya)


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