This is not the first time am writing about the Tecno HiOS a user friendly user interface that boasts of both elegance, intelligence and originality by Tecno Mobile. It has been a while, I love good devices but sometimes a better user interface is just what you need to realize the power that a phone can have. Believe me you, many of you have downloaded a couple of launchers onto your smartphones just to make them look better and feel more juicer. Great and wonderful icons are what gets attention from the end user.

A simple and improperly designed launch icon for several apps are not always the best. But a little bit of twerking from an inetlligently designed user interface makes the day. HiOS is the solution for your smartphone, it won’t use up alot of space as many third party launchers always do, coming with a couple is useless apps or icons that will cost you and a lot of ads that are really frustrating.


Intelligent and properly designed user interfacews have more than just changing the desktop look, the app drawer and other app designs. But tehy go to the extent of ensuring that you get much time from your battery. This is enabled with the power management option or battery saver that will surely rid you of a couple of apps that claim to improve your battery uo to 90%. I was a fan of Go Launcher which I later fell out with just for normal reasons as using much resources that I would rather save.

Now that Tecno Mobile have talked about and also released a beta version of the HiOS interface to the Tecno Camon C8, a selfie centric device, they are serious about making their device look betetr and also to improve their performance. Not forgetting that the HiOS user interface does more than just changing the app icon’s look and goes even to a larger extent of helping you block spammy callers. So what else do you need but this wonderful user interface HiOS?

The name itself ‘Hi’ is just ideal, a wonderful prefix, not like the Infinix’s user interface the XUI. Hi is a welcoming note asking you how you feel and then offering you a couple of awesome features. Thank you Tecno Mobile, I really love the HiOS user interface. Everything just goes well with the HiOS, the feel, the elegance, the touch, power manager, spam blocking and what else do you need to know of the HiOS user inetrafce for the Tecno Mobile’s HiOS for Tecno gadgets.

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The ability to change the font style, the icon look, the wallpapers, the themes that come in plenty that can be downloaded from a wide variety. Why head over for a third party launcher that ‘eats’ up your phone’s system resources when the HiOS does just more than that?

Not many launchers come with the blocking feature. By this I don’t mean that HiOS is a launcher no, but it serves the purpose of a launcher and takes over the overall design not leaving anything out. HiOS has this feature, a spammy caller/people’s doctor to get rid of all these people you’re sick of. They refer to it as harassing callers. I have been a victim of such people, you occasionally get a call from people you have idea about and they just get onto your nerves. Tecno Mobile’s HiOS is the best medicine for such mediocre people. Just list them and you’re done with their nonsense. What a wonderful user interface that does up to the caller app’s work that include blocking and so.

The HiOS is also believed be having a HiManager a power management setting. This not only allows you to manage your battery capacity, it also largely empowers your battery to give you much more juice from that battery that at one time you really dispise. Not all gadegts have the 4000+ mAh battery capcity. And if it has such, you also need a power manager. Power Manager on the HiOS enables your device to run for much more time (run for a longer duration) than normal. It will surely boost your battery by disabling any background activity when not in use. And one improtant thing is that you can set the minimum power setting up on which power saver mode should automatically be enabled to extend your device for a longer time even on a 10% capacity.

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Wallpapers, sometimes you search all over the web for just a better wallpaper but not to find one. Tecno HiOS custom user interface gives you advanced, elegant and better illustrated wallpaper that surely will make you feel better. I believe with the HiOS you can set up screens of any number on your devices where you can additionally place the app shortcuts on every screen.


From leaked images, the HiOS Hi Manager gives you greater power to accelerate and speed up your phone and rid any bqackground running apps, clear and junk files that might have remained after uninstalling and unwanted app from your device. The mobile clean up allows simple app optimization that not only improves speed but also improves overall device performance. There apps that drain much of the system resources and primary memory which when cleaned can speed up a slaggish device. And this is the way to go with the Hi Manager.

Hi Manager does not only accelerate overall device performance, it does a couple of other significant and useless actions apary from optimization. Bandwidth management is another key feature we see on the Tecno HiOS Hi Manager list. Bandwidth manager allows you to manage your bandwidth. By setting bandwidth for your monthly usage you’re capable of achieving optimal performance. But when bandwidth used is too much and not often cleareed your phone is deemed to perform poorly and slow to a given extent. The bandwidth management on the HiOS’s Hi Manager is the solution to getting everything working just fine. With the HiOS you can keep checking on the Hi Manager and Bandwidth Management to accelerate overall performance. You can significantly manage and monitor your overall device traffic.

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Auto-start Manager is another important feature of the Hi Manager to note. Auto start apps are always esential to the system. Those that are not essential if you don’t have a good user interface like the HiOS, or a launcher for that case, you cannot access the auto start apps. These can sometimes strain the phone. The best then is to get rid of those apps that are not really essential to the system to limit resource usage. This feature if not wrong can only be found in this customized friendly user interface from Tecno Mobile the Tecno HiOS.

I believe to that extent you’re quite informed of what to expect of the Tecno HiOS customized user interface.  I am one of those people loving what Tecno Mobile are doing, introduction of a user centered friendly/community forum for all queries is the best ever, plus more device are coming. And those devices will surely be running on the HiOS including the upcoming music/entertainment centered Tecno Boom J8. Stay tuned for much more on this.