Tecno HiOS; The Look Feel and Everything Else


Believe me you I am one those people who really love proper designs and having elegants fonts plus feel of my device. This feel comes along with a couple of system twerking that allows for custom fonts and whatsoever. You were not capable to realize on your Tecno smartphone but thanks to the Tecno HIOS now you can instantly change your device look and feel (font wise). I tried sharing some HiOS features and believe me you Tecno HiOS is an awesome user interface that would surpass the Go Launcher, Apex, Nova and etc.

Tecno HiOS Wallpapers

I got a glimpse of the HiOS on the Tecno Camon C8 and believe me you the device wallpapers are elegant, smartly designed and ready to go. Wallpapers say alot about yourself. They give a certain impression ofyou generally to the person having a look at your phone. Trying new tricks with the Tecno HiOS Hi Wallpaper you can download wallpapers from the HiStore to use plus you can use custom wallpapers.


Tecno HiOS Fonts & Look Generally

Just like in the highlight of this article I kind of love how generally a device font feels. Some shouty and useless system fonts might be up to your nerve. But with the Tecno HiOS feature the HiFonts you can easily change your device font to fit your specs.



HiOS Power Manager

Just like it is the case with the XUI by Infinix battery management is at the center stage. Power management is a core feature to maintain.
So the HiOS power management (HiManager) allows you to control device battery or power consumption by limiting some background resources that might not be of much help.

Tecno HiOS Anti-Spam

There are so many spamming callers or texters. The best way of to rid them through a blocking alternative. This is only achievable with the Tecno HiOS since has such intelligent feature to rid harrasing calls.

What’s your take, how do you feel about Tecno’s HiOS feel free to hit our comment box. We would to share out your reactions.


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