Tecno Camon C8 was a hit maker being dubbed a superb selfie centric phone featuring superior cameras both primary and secondary. That aside we have seen or read avout the Tecno HiOS user interface and that it will be featured first on Tecno Boom J8 an upcoming Boom J7 successor. But according to a thread post on Tecno Spot it’s true that Tecno Camon C8 has received an OTA update of the HiOS Beta version. Those who can tools like Flash tool will need tto download a 1GB size file to flash to their Tecno phone system. The OTA update is only 24MB.

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Tecno HiOS for Tecno Camon C8

According to the post on Tecno Spot by Cizen Zhang Tecno C8 (the Tecno Camon C8 has received a one for a lifetime surprise. Tecno Camon C8 users can ddownload the HiOS beta version that will improve efficiency and make the phone unique besides giving a superior and elegant look.

According to the post too the Beta size is around 40MB with the Official version believed to be launched in around 10 days.

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There are a couple of HiOS features too are awesome and never bewn foubd aanywhere else. Lets get down to them.

App Freeze on Tecno HiOS Hi Manager

The applications that are not used for a long time can be frozen as if they
were uninstalled, they only occupy storage space but will not occupy system resources. This improves app performance and overall system status.

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2. Bandwidth Management

The Tecno HiOS bandwidth manager allows you to monitor the amount of data you use. This will help you control how you use your system resources and that you don’t overuse your device bandwidth.

3. Cleanup:

There’s so much storage space that is used up by useless files usually junk files. These are files deleted but their junk is still within the system.

Releasing system memory and sparing space will enhance the device performance speed.

4. Call Management/Block/Unblock

Call management is essential. In this world wwe got lots of spammers and stubborn beings by default. The best way to get rid of them is to block them. HiOS manager does exactly that.
It easily blocks spam and shields you from stubborn

5. Uninstall Apps and Software

HiOS Manager allows you to quickly and very easily get rid of unwanted and useless software or apps within your phone. This in the end enhances space and frees system resources from strain.

6. Monitor Data Usage

During real-time monitor data usage, data limit will automatically disconnect some app when exceeded.
This helps save you a lot on data costs over something that might not help improve phone performance.

Where to Get Tecno HiOS for Tecno Camon C8

Whenever performing system upgrade it is important to back up your files. Incase something goes bad you can restore them.

1. The OTA update package (recommended) for the HiOS Beta you can download it through the following link.
For below version only:
Build number: C8-H352-A2-L-20160118

2. SD card update package (recommended) those who would love to update their phone to HiOS Beta via SD Card you will need the following.

For other build number

3. Flash Tool
You can also update it using the Flash tool available through the following link.

Source: Tecno Spot Community Forum
Image Credit/Tecno Mobile Kenya (Facebook)


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