TECNO Mobile’s Droipad 10 Pro II is not just any tablet you have, have had or you might want to buy in future. The choice of a tablet or any gadgets depends solely on the purpose, software, size, price (affordablility) and to some extent flexibility. The fact that Android is the best mobile OS is still evident and Windows can not control the smartphone market like Android does. Having a tablet that is flexible and provided cleaner user interface and gives you a taste of Win OS on Android. 

Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II
Tecno Droipad 10 Pro is a 10.1 inch smart tablet that has gained popularity with the Remix OS 2.0. Jide Technologies, a company behind Remix OS came up with providing a platform of unveiling the Android apps on bigger screens. Remix OS, build by ex-Google employees, provides you more room for gaming and turning that tablet into a computer with efficient multitasking. 

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Table of Contents for Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II, Remix OS, specifications and overall overview 

Remix OS

Like earlier mentioned Remix OS is a product of Jide Technologies a company operated by ex-Google employees. Remix OS is basically an operating system that offers the windows feel on Android devices. Remix OS amplifies the Android screen and lets you display that special game on a bigger display. 

Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II
Apart from that Remix OS is chiefly based on Android OS which provides you with millions of apps from which you can choose. Turning a tablet into a personal computer has never been this easy. You can smoothly do the multitasking and change between apps running on your Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II. 

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Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II

If you have happened to interact with Tecno smartphones, tablets and overall anything, you can agree the company is growing. From devising tablets and doing rounds to understand the users’ needs, TECNO Mobile has released tablets into a market it already understands and that’s has been an upper hand. 


Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II features an IPS touchscreen of screen size 10.1 inch. The device screen is HD with a resolution of 1280*800 pixels. You can view any clear video on this handset and it won’t disappoint. With Remix OS all apps on this device will adjust to fit the 10.1 inch display. That’s the work of Remix OS 2.0 that is built from Android 5.1 Lollipop. 

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Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II

Software and Hardware

One of the most unique things about this tablet is the fact that it runs Android 5.1 Lollipop in Remix OS, chiefly you get to enjoy the juice with Lollipop on a wider display. Time for you to put aside that PC embrace a powerful tablet with Remix OS is here thanks to Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II. 

The handset is powered by a quad core processor with a clock frequency of 1.3GHz.


Tecno’s Remix OS based tablet, features all connectivity stuff. The device is capable of handling be it 4G, 3G, 2G and any other. The device too supports Bluetooth with BT v4.0 and also supports Wi-Fi connection;  both Wi-Fi and Hotspot.


Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II is unique even though the cameras don’t stand out enough with camera speca, it still has some cameras. The front camera is the poorest, a VGA (2MP) camera and the rear (back camera) has this 5 megapixels camera sensor for photography and video recording at 1080@30fps.

Tecno Droipad 10 Pro II

Storage (Internal and External)

This device is not new, the device stands out even though it loses some points somewhere, the storage is well served. Droipad 10 Pro II is served with 2GB RAM, this sufficient to run most if not all applications without lagging. The device need some storage space, and that’s why it has 32GH internal storage. It may seem too much but not really if you like photography and video shooting. 

Battery (The Power Source)

Well, a big win here. Hurrah!!!! Tecno Mobile just did it with a 7000mAh battery of that handset. This is enormous and with this youbcan rest be assured that Fate of the Furious Movie will run from beggining to end without need for connecting your charger. 


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