It is hard to buy a better phone if you can’t get the best out of the list of best phones you can acquire. Probably I love a phone because of its battery, screen, performance and so on. As a normal user getting the best phone is a bit harder. Mainly when comparing two good phones in this Tecno Camon C9; the Camera basically selfie phone and the Tecno Boom J8, the music phone. In this article I would like to offer my honest comparison of these two phones, Tecno Camon C9 vs Tecno Boom J8.

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I happen to be in possession of the two latest Tecno Mobile phones that I would like to give an expert opinion about the two. I have had the Tecno Boom J8 for 3 months now and also have had the Camon C9 for almost a month now. My opinion should help you in deciding the phone to take home. 

These two phones; Tecno Camon C9 and Tecno Boom J8 have similarities and differences and these are what we are going to iron out here. But before offering an exclusive comparison you should probably look at the reviews of the two phones and other articles that might be helpful. 

Useful Articles

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If you have gone through the above article you sure can compare the two phones yourself. 

Tecno Camon C9 vs Tecno Boom J8
Tecno Camon C9 hanging around

Here are the similarities between Tecno Camon C9 and the Tecno Boom J8.

  • 5.5-inch display screen
  • 13MP rear camera
  • Dual camera system
  • Front and Rear LED Flash
  • They both have the HiOS, new Tecno UI
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB ROM 
  • SD card slot to 128GB 
  • 3000mAh
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    Those might not be the only similarities between these two gadgets but the key ones are those. We turn to the differences which might not be as much too. 

    • Camon C9 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow where Boom J8 is proudly running Android 5.1 Lollipop
    • Camon C9 features 5.5 inch Full HD screen different from Tecno Boom J8’s 5.5-inch HD screen
    • 13MP front camera on Tecno Camon C9 beats Tecno Boom J8’s 5.0MP front camera
    • Camon C9 features Iris Scanner which lacks in Boom J8 for security purposes. This feature boasts of improving security turning away from the old way. 
    • Camon C9 has its display screen resolution at 1080p (1080*1920) whereas the Tecno Boom J8 had a 720p display screen.
    • Camon C9 spots a 64-bit octa-core processor clocking at 1.3GHz while Boom J8 features a quad core processor with speed of 1.3GHz.
    • Tecno Boom J8 has three buttons on the right (vol+, vol- and power button); the Camon C9 has four buttons (vol+, vol-, power button and quick snap button). 

    Tecno Camon C9 vs Tecno Boom J8

        Table of Contents for Tecno Camon C9 vs Tecno Boom J8


        One thing white interesting is that the Boom series is one series that saw the entry of nicely designed Tecno phones. This was seen on the Tecno Boom J7 and Tecno Mobile has built on that. Tecno Boom J8 stands out when it comes to design, the buttons are well placer and in overall the design is innovative and elegant. The Boom J8 is slim and almost better. 

        Tecno Camon C9 borrows a lot from the Boom J8 from design and everything. Camon C9 is nicely made though it doesn’t beat Boom J8. It is slim but the back with the bulging doesn’t please at all. It is not flat. I love the sandstone black version of Camon C9, the grip and feel is amazing. 


        This is one key area that defines a better phone. Good phones in size and other features sometimes fail to wow people when it comes to performance. Both Tecno Camon C9 and Boom J8 features 2GB RAM for efficient multitasking. 

        Camon C9 features an octa core processor whereas the Boom J8 features a quad core processor. In specs Camon C9 takes it all but it hasn’t pleased me at all.  Boom J8 performs better when it comes to handling some tasks. 

        I feel like Tecno Camon C9 is overcrowded with bloatware that I feel should not have been included in this phone. 


        Like earlier mentioned, Tecno Camon C9 has a better display a Full HD display screen with a 1080p resolution. The display is better and provides unique experience.

        The Tecno Boom J8 on the other side features a HD display with 720p.  In as much as the Camon C9 offers good specs on display, it is not that easy to spot the difference in display. Much difference comes when playing videos mostly online. The highest quality that will be displayed on Camon C9 is different from Boom J8.

        The best also have their flipsides and in as much as the Tecno Camon C9 display is better it is a heavy battery feeder. A 1080p screen uses more power than a 720p display. 

        Battery and Power Consumption

        I’m in love with Boom J8 simply because it gives me more juice. Both phones have 3000mAh batteries. The only difference comes to displays the Camon C9’s display uses more power than the Boom J8’s. 

        If you don’t have the Camon C9 you can purchase it here on Jumia.

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