Tecno Boom J8 is not just a phone like any other. It is another music dubbed and entertainment centric device just like the Boom J7 which took the market by storm with an awesome processor, boom music and entertainment device. This is not to forget that it is this phone that saw a revolutionized design of the Tecno smartphones. The Tecno Boom J8 hasn’t left anything behind that is available on the predecessor the Tecno Boom J7. It has carried forth wonderful features from the Boom J7 with a few advancements and improvements where possible. Entertainment on the Tecno Boom J8 is taken a notch higher than the default. With Boom Headphones, the Boom Music app and all that boom stuff believe me you Boom J7 is nothing compared to the Boom J8.

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The Camon C8 was dubbed the selfie centric phone by Tecno that has got much attention and it has been the first to receive the new feel on this planet, the Tecno HiOS. Those who have installed the HiOS update or upgrade to their Camon C8, can agree that under phone settings >> about phone, the phone name has changed to something like Tecno J8L. This so since it has picked a user interface that was expect to debut on the Tecno Boom J8 but well seeing it on another phone gives us a clue of what it is. If you need to know about the HiOS proceed here.

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 Tecno Boom J8 Headphones

The Boom J7 and Boom J5 launched last year (2015) have been a top the trend with awesome specifications and an improved overall design. Both the predecessors were budget friendly phones and I think Boom J8 won’t be too expensive for an ordinary person. Whoever will wish to enjoy fast charge technology and additional features should really buy this phone. Tecno Boom J8 is not yet available in the market but the launch date is slated for late this month (March 2016). This is the second year seeing a Tecno Boom device launch on consecutive years. I think we should expect more of the Boom series in the coming years.

Tecno Boom J8 is a 15cm in length with a slim body (7.35mm), you probably used to rather thick devices of 8mm – 10 mm and above. These devices I think have been hectic to you when it comes to carrying but for ladies their handbags can serve the better purpose of that. But with the Tecno Boom J8 a 7.35mm thickness is rather small. The device that I have seen coming below 7mm in thickness is the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. THe Tecno Boom J8 is slim enough to deserve that title ‘a slim device‘. Tecno Boom J8 is a 4G enabled device, the predecessors are not 4G/LTE enabled smartphones and this is a tick for the Boom J8.


Tecno Boom J8 System and Performance

Tecno Boom J8 significantly is one and the first Tecno phone to be sold preinstalled with the HiOS UI. The user interface is a Tecno’s own customized user interface for their upcoming handsets to start with the boom j8. I believe up to now you have heard of the HiOS UI plus what it’s capable of doing. It’s a wonderful UI those with Tecno Camon C8 can boast of that.

Expectations of many have failed to materialize. Other blogs talked of Tecno Boom J8 running on Android Marshmallow but I can confirm that it will be running on Android 5.1 Lollipop with HiOS UI. Wonderful even though it doesn’t run on Marshmallow. And well Marshmallow distribution is not big so there’s no problem working with Lollipop. It also possesses high profile MediaTek processor.

The Tecno Boom J8 is believed to be powered by a 64-bit quad core Cortex-A53 clocking at frequency of 1.3GHz. The device processor features a MediaTek MT6753 chipset that does much of the processing.


Device graphics is another important property on a device that should capture the market. Tecno Boom J8 features a Mali-T720 GPU. The GPU’s work generally is to handle all graphics plus any imagery. It improves both quality and elegance while watching and gaming too.

Tecno Boom J8 Storage/Memory

Tecno Boom J8 features wonderful storage. It’s not different from the Tecno Boom J7 since the inbuilt storage is 16GB. However, the storage can be expanded with MicroSD card in its slot up to 128GB. This ultimately serves up majority of your purpose. Be it file transfer, gaming and so forth.

The primary memory for the Tecno Boom J8 is not a demeanor. It features a 2GB RAM, that essentially does all software and instructional works. It analyzes and sends out commands at the right time.

Tecno Boom J8 Design

Tecno.Boom J8 will feature the HiOS user interface which is an elegant UI that includes great app icons. Of features a different and cistomizable desktop, app drawer and much more.

Body-wise, the Boom J8 features a slim plastic and metallic trimmed body with some curves at the corners. The device feel and elegance is taken a notch higher. It is slim with just 7.35mm device thickness.

The Boom J8 is believed to come in three distinct color: Super White, Space Grey, Champagne Red.

Tecno Boom J8

Tecno Boom J8 Camera

Boom J8 is superior to the Boom J7 in camera properties. It sports dual cameras. A primary camera and a selfie/front shooter.

It features a 13 MP primary camera that has the capabilities of taking , 4864 x 2736 pixels pictures. It has autofocus, LED flashlight for clear photography during dim light conditions.

The secondary camera is a 5MP camera. A selfie or front shooter for both selfie shooting and video calling.

The cameras for the Boom J8 are superior to the Boom J7.

Tecno Boom J8 Battery

Boom J8 incorporates fast charging where a 15 min charge can last for upto 8 hours of talktime.
It features a non-removable lithium ion polymer battery with a capacity of 3,000 mAh. It has a power management, ultra lower power mode to extend your battery lifetime plus it boosts performance.

Tecno Boom J8 Launch Date

Tecno Boom J8 will be launched at the end of the month of March, 2016. After which aa full review of the device will follow.



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