Probably you’re asking yourself this question, when will Tecno Boom J8 be launched? And what will be the price at launch? These should not be worrying questions anymore. Tecno Mobile Kenya has proved to be persistent enough. The Tecno Boom J8 smartphone was launched yesterday (2nd April 2016) at the Garden City Mall in Thika. Now I announce that Tecno Boom J8 is launched officially.

The device is not that expensive it retails at a price of Kes. 16,999/-. That should not be a thing to worry about since many smartphones are sold much more than that. Thinking of the specifications of the Boom J8, you much will agree it deserves 16k price tag. If you doubt go through the full specifications of the Tecno Boom J8 and you will surely agree that even though it is not below 10k, it surely is outstanding.

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Tecno Boom J8

Tecno Boom J8 has special Boom Player that was first discovered on the Boom J7 launched last year (2015) and which brought in new design. Tecno Boom J8 is slimmer than many up to 98% of the all Tecno smartphones. Its design is elegant with metallic ends. It is a 5 inch device and you will surely love it.

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Tecno Boom J8 is the first to come with a built in system user interface. It is a customized user interface HiOS that boosts overall operation and performance. It offers great icons elegantly shaped with impressive fonts to change the text look on the device.

Boom J8 will give up a good fight in taking over entertainment and music centric device. It run on HiOS build on Android 5.1 Lollipop. It has good cameras and other significant features much better than the predecessor Boom J7.

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It cannot be compared to the predecessor, it way too above it. It is a 4G/LTE enabled device that offers speedy communication and internet connection.

In terms of storage, the Tecno Boom J8 has a 2GB RAM plus a 16GB ROM that can be extended to 128GB of secondary storage. Now that you know about it, wait for more after I unbox the gadget and also offer a full review of the same.

It will retail at a price Kes. 16,999.00/- roughly $170.00