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InkCase for iPhone 6 is On the Way

It’s been over a year since Oaxis launched its InkCase, a smartphone case with an E Ink panel in back, for the iPhone 5. The same design carried over pretty seamlessly...

Motorola Begins Offering 64GB Moto X Pure Edition

If you haven’t yet made room in your pocket for the Moto X (2014), you might soon enough. The device was initially offered in 16GB and 32GB options, but a late...

Samsung Working on a Round Smartwatch That Runs Tizen

The round smart watch design seems to have become the preferred form factor among wearable enthusiasts. They don’t necessarily improve the Android Wear experience, but they definitely look cooler. That’s a big...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition is no more

A couple of days ago the Moto G Google Play Edition vanished from the Play Store forever, and now another smartphone has had the exact same fate. It certainly looks like Google Play...

HTC One M9 Prime Expected ToHit 2015, Followed By the RegularM9

Development on the HTC One (M8) Prime seems to be on an indefinite hiatus, according to a recent report. But don’t despair; HTC is hard at work at successors—yes, plural—to accompany...

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Infinix Zero X506 Review

TINFINIX mobile phone is set to revolutionize your world bringing competition to the smartphone giants of time. The 5.0-inch slate is equipped with the android 4.4.2 (kitkat) and a 3G network,...