Systweak Android cleaner There is no dearth of Android cleaners or optimizers on Google Play Store, and if we search the terms like “Android Cleaner”, you will see hundreds of apps claiming to get the dirty job done within seconds and you may end up scratching your head to opt for the best. However, this review might help you to know about one such app that claims to clean Android phones better than its rivals and the tool that we have for review is Systweak Android Cleaner.

Systweak Android cleaner is known as a comprehensive app to clean up an Android device to boosts the phone performance by optimizing its RAM and removing junk files. Let’s see how it fared.


The interface is quite simple and easy to understand. The navigation is also easy and you don’t need to move a lot within the app to use its features.

Systweak Android Cleaner Review

Home Screen and Phone Boost Feature

Home screen tells you about the percentage of storage space used by files and installed apps. It also gives a fair idea of everything that this app is capable of doing.
The home screen has a big “Phone Boost” button, a tap on which releases RAM by clearing out app cache. Technically, freeing up RAM means a faster access to applications, a task which this app successfully accomplishes.

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Other Features

This application removes junk files without any issue. It scans your smartphone and gives you the estimate of space that could be optimized by removing junk files. You just need to tap on “Clean Now” button to remove junk files instantly.


The thing I really liked about this app is its inbuilt Storage Manager. This is because its quite irritating when I have to delve deep into the settings and tap a lot in order to delete stored files. Storage Manager makes the task easier. It lists the categories of files; one can tap on any of the categories, mark the files and delete them with ease.

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Android cleaner also provides an App Manager that lists all installed applications and allows you to uninstall any app by simply tapping on a small bin icon across the application.


There is a battery saver that comes with pre-set options. The results were noteworthy when I enabled the app’s battery saver in my smartphone, as I felt that my phone’s battery lasted a few hours longer. Definitely a life saver for those who keeps fighting for battery life at the end of the day.
You are not compelled to remember cleaning your RAM periodically as this app will keep boosting your RAM after every 2 hours (as per the default setting). One can schedule Auto Cleaning by going into “Settings” of the application.

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Systweak Android Cleaner is by far the best optimizer that I have got my hands on. It is simple and does what it claims in the simplest way possible. The best part: it is without ads which is rare given the application is free.
You can certainly give it a try by downloading it from the play store or directly from here.

That summarizes the Systweak Android Cleaner Review.