Great power? Great look and awesome performance? or generally best in everything. I had a little time to make a few notes of the booming features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Well this is now what we call a phablet with almost perfect outcome of all the features.

Samsung alwyas relies on customers complains that help them realize and rectify some of the weaknesses in the previous regimes of its smartphones. And just like expected Samsung employed much of the customers feedback to come up with a note with new originality and higher performance index to its predecessors.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 isn’t just like any other phablet probably you’ve heard of or even used. It beats its predecessors and won’t just be like them because of these stunning features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Check out why I call it a ‘master of phablets’.

[highlight] 1. AWESOME 4GB RAM [/highlight]

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Tell me of any smartphone you’ve heard or touched that ensures performance is at highest level with this kind of RAM. No Phablet so far I guess. Asus Zenfone has tried but it’s not yet there. Just what does 4GB RAM mean for a phablet? It means alot to those who are heavy users that is;-

  • they play games
  • they stream videos
  • have lots of applications to run etc.

So with 4GB RAM you dont have to worry of your phone displaying a running out of memory notification. Also your Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s performance will be at its peak.

[highlight] 2. AWESOME 16MP CAMERA [/highlight]

You probably have a keen knowledge about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge camera. It is so far the best with much manual controls as opposed previously, this camera isthe one that has been fitted on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Now imagine the clarity and vividness that comes with such a powerful camera. It makes every shot count.

[highlight] 3. STUNNING DISPLAY [/highlight]

[dropcap] D[/dropcap]isplay the other thing that makes smartphones beat their counterparts. Here we’re talking of the now popular 5.5-inch display. This isn’t for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The Note 5 has an awesome and amazing 5.7-inch LCD display that sums it up with intelligent technology in the Samsung displays.

Image Credit SamMobile


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