Stress free scrolling with WhatsApp Pinning Feature


WhatsApp recently rolled up the WhatsApp pinning feature. Many users might not be able to access this kind of feature since they haven’t updated their apps. However, those with latest updated WhatsApp apps can get to pin their favourite chats at the top. 

Imagine a scenario where you got many WhatsApp contacts, groups etc. And your favorite chats always get displaced by group notifications, well, thanks to the latest update you won’t be scrolling that long. 

WhatsApp pinning works similar to makes a message sticky. Like we see on Twitter you can pin your favorite tweets, Telegram you can do pinning, others refer to it as “Pin to the Top”.


Basically this feature saves you time from having to scroll all the way to just look for a single chat. This is one feature rolled out that am kind of in love with. I hated the WhatsApp status which is the replica of Snapchats stories and has been rolled out on all Facebook apps (Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp). 

How to Pin a Chat to the Top? 

To pin your favorite chats at the top,  simply tap and hold on the chat until a context menu appears at the top with mark us read, clear chat etc, the first icon (pin) tap on that icon and we’ll you just pinned your first WhatsApp favorite chats. 


  1. Make sure you got the latest update from play store or WhatsApp website
  2. Then select the chat you want to stick at the top. 
  3. Top on it and hold until a menu appears at the top
  4. Tap on the pin to stick it at the tap. 
  5. You can pin both groups and personal chats.