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I tend to get happy whenever I am in position to identify a startup that surely will help solve majority of problems we have. No matter how long you take to materialize your idea that doesn’t matter as long as you realize it. We all have different ideas some which are similar of course but always the early bird catches the worm. Startup name choices is one of the tough choices that people should keenly look into before starting their startup. It doesn’t help but make me worry that this is exactly a kind of theft where one finds out about your idea and tries to twerk around the name.

This is not happening for the first time in Kenya. It has happened in other areas or countries on the African continent.  In Nigeria for instance we find these two similar startups with a little name twerks.


Easyhire and Eazyhire are the startups. Basically they do the same thing but now the only difference comes in the names and domain names. You can find easyhire at and Eazyhire at This is not good at all.



LostFounds and LostnFound does the something. The first time I came about this it was a sub-domain on which I would not be able to identify the domain that is owned by the team behind Magazine Reel.


LostFounds features an Android app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. They have done quite when it comes to marketing. This has been evident with Facebook ads. LostFounds can be found by visiting

LostnFound is another one whose web interface ain’t pleasing at all. I know they had an idea but trying to visualize something will indeed provide one of the greatest magic when it comes to marketing. It can be accessed through


I think it’s time we focussed really on what we needed to do. Even if something is someone’s replica it’s better to have its name changed or something else.

Your opinions please ?. What is your take on this???


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