Ever wondered why you never emerge victorious in your Sportpesa bets. Yes here are some few tips and tricks to help you get around and start making big time wins with sportpesa.

How to win with Sportpesa

1. Don’t be greedy.
Don’t go for too much outcomes. Using 100/- to get 100000 isn’t realistic at all if you may ask me. Go for what you’re sure of.

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2. Be sure of what you want.
You want 50,000 yes then be sure to place a larger stake and possible less few matches in your multi bet.

3. Go for a multi bet
No one wants to get 103 or 120 from a stake of 100/-. Do a multi bet and be sure of the games you place. Not just any game fits the worth risk.

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4. Assess your picks before placing a bet
Be sure you know the current standings and the winnings forms of your teams, the teams your Money is up for. With this you will be sure of the team or game you’ve picked.

5. Don’t pick too many games
Placing your bet against many teams you have high chances if losing. 20 games too much. Place a bet that’s realistic one with possible outcomes not unimaginable amounts.

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6. Don’t panic
Many online gamblers are in a state of confusion when it comes to placing a bet. You’re not sure whether to do it or not. For sure if you’re not sure don’t place a bet. Place only if you’re courageous enough that you gonna win big here.

I hope those tips would help you emerge victorious in your bets. Thanks for reading


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