Through my daily work as a blogger, I have shared a couple of guides and articles on betting platforms such as SportPesa, Elitebet, Betway, JustBet, BetYetu, Betpawa and so forth. But there are much unanswered questions of one of the most popular betting platforms that’s sportpesa. Sportpesa is a leading company in East Africa when it comes to Sports betting.

They have revolutionized betting to another new level. Sportpesa are now the official sponsors of two legendary football clubs in Kenya. That is the AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia who received a sponsorship deal from the betting firm this year. On top of that the company also is the official sponsor of the Kenya Premier League that has even lead to branding such as the Sportpesa Premier League.

This now means that Sortpesa is making advances in Kenya towards bettering lives and doing much more like fun festivals and more. Anyway the core aim of this article was to share the answers to the Frequently asked question and answers (the SportPesa FAQs and Answers). So before we start I would like to let you know that these questions have been compiled from all comments given by you readers on articles on this blog.


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#1.How to Change Sportpesa PIN

I have witnessed a couple of instances where individuals asked on how to change their sportpesa PIN because in one way or they other, they forgot the security details to their accounts. I am also a victim of forgetting the PIN but well I didn’t see the need of having a PIN when I had a username (my phone number) and a password to my web account. Anyway for those who need to change their SportPesa PIN the procedure is really simple. So simple like sending an SMS to their number 79079.

Here is how to change your SportPesa PIN.

SMS the keywords CHANGE PIN 1111 (where 1111 is your new PIN) to 79079.

That simple I thinl now you see how simple that gets.

#2.How to cancel an already Placed Bet

A one time error of possible choosing an away team that is less superior or a home team that is less superior on your bet is possible. And when this happens you always wonder how to go about to change everything including cancelling your bet. Cancelling a sportpesa bet is easy all you need is the bet id that you get after placing a bet on SportPesa.

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When you place a bet you will get an SMS confirming your bet. A sample is shown below:

So you will require the bet id in order to cancel the bet that you’ve already placed.. Something to note is that the Game id is not the same as the bet id. The bet id you will get it once you place a bet successfully.

To cancel the bet do the following:-

SMS CANCEL#6585 where 6585 is the bet id that you receive upon confirmation of a successful bet.

#3. Can I withdraw from my sportpesa account to another number?

My answer to this is a simple NO. Why such a big No? Well I believe some people might just lose access to their web accounts. Possibly they might remain logged into their account online. Through this you can gain access. If sportpesa allowed this, I think we might be counting thousands of thefts by people withdrawing from other people’s S-Pesa accounts. But thank you SportPesa for having only the registered number receiving the amount withdrawn.

#2. Withdrawal Question

Another individual asked a quite funny but good question. And the question goes; “How much money can an S-Pesa account hold? And incase I won a jackpot and I don’t want the money to be deposited into a bank account, can the money stay in my S-Pesa account so I can withdraw to M-Pesa slowly? Well, If you saw that a funny question, well to me it seems too. And why the hell will you want such amount like the recent 22M staying on an online account in the hands of people you even don’t know? And plus if that money stayed in a bank somewhere you will get interest unlike having it still on SportPesa which you’re not sure of still. And what if something goes bad or they decide they have had their bit and they need to exit, will you still count on them to hold such sum for you?

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If you can win a 1K or 5K and you withdraw immediately, why can’t you allow them to transfer such huge sum to your bank account where you also invest in some other business or decide to start a business?

Share out for friends to also know of these. Will add up new questions that keep coming. Stay tuned


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