Sony for a period of time has been going around on Twitter while solving issues and letting users know that it was only going to release Lollipop updates for phones part of the Xperia Z lineage of devices. This means that E3, E4, and M2 will not have Lollipop updates rolled out for them. In a previous update of the Tier XPeria Lounge Xperia introduced more Gold and Silver tiers for Xperia Lounge app.

This is a strong reason for any user of the Sony non-Z models would be upset with this. But could Sony already be reversing course on its position on Android 5.0 updates? We’re still not sure, but a couple new developments have us thinking that something has changed.

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Sony Xperia C3

First up is what the company’s saying on Twitter. Last week it shared numerous messages that were crystal clear in stating that Lollipop updates would be for Z-series models, and those alone. Now it’s backing down from that position and telling people over and over, “We can’t comment on upgrades for further products at this time – please stay tuned to our blog for the latest information.”

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So what does this message mean to you! Is it evident that the company might decide to work out on the other non-Z models? Not quite sure about that but it is worth the wait. Stay tuned for much news from Sony Manufacturer on whether there are updates for the excluded phones in the early models.

But in a promising twist, some newly leaked screenshots attempt to reveal work towards a Lollipop update for the Xperia C3. If these are real, there’s a solid chance that Sony’s at least considering releasing updates for these non-Z-series models. Everyone loves better and improved phones running on better platforms. Lets hope for what is gonna come from their kitchen.


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