Sony has done some more changes on the Xperia Lounge app last week, bringing in a whole new user interface.
Sony talked about new Lounge tiers that would bring more exclusive Sony content to Gold and Silver users. At the time there was little information on these tiers, but Sony has now revealed all.


Your Xperia Lounge tier is determined by the handset you own. All Xperia Z series owners will have access to Xperia Lounge Gold, whilst all other owners will get Xperia Lounge Silver. There will be varying levels of exclusive content depending on which tier you belong to. This can include exclusive competitions, offers, new apps or the latest movies, music or TV episodes.

New Xperia Lounge tiers
To upgrade your Xperia Lounge experience, open the app, click on the three dots in the top right and click “My Account”. If you are an Xperia Z series owner, you should be prompted to “Upgrade to Gold!”

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You will then see a confirmation of your new level, in this case, Gold. Notice how the header colour of the app has changed from Blue to Gold.

Notice how certain items are now tagged as “GOLD”. For example, the SmartWatch 3 promotion in the screen below right has the following message: “You are GOLD! Welcome to one of your exclusive experiences in the app.”

Source: Xperia Blog


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