So What is TechTrendsKe?

TrechTrendsKe is a weblog that focuses on tech news and anlysis. TechTrendsKe has been up and running for less than a year now and focuses on offering it’s viewers a value that they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

TechTrendsKe offers quality articles on social media trends, apps and software reviews and also gadgets reviews. TechTrendsKe is where you can go and find absolutely all rich and quality new you would wish to know about Africa’s technological world.

Another one amazing thing about TechTrendsKe is that it has gained alot of interested viewers who find it as a next big thing in the world of technology in kenya and generally the whole of Africa then where else if not the world? Nick Kanali the entrepreneur and blogger at the TechTrendsKe say he’s amazed at how the blog has grwon within such a short time and gained a large readership within a short time.

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TechTrendsKe along with Kanalispeaks have been nominated to this years Blog Awards 2015. TechTrendsKE is featured among the Best Technology Blog and Kanalispeaks has been nominated into the Best Political Blog.

Help Nick Kanali win this time with the Kenya Blog Awards 2015. To vote for the blogs visit

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