In the latest technologies, it is quite hard to expect a single similar device in 2016. There have been myths about the same. People have treated single SIM devices/gadgets as original devices. But can you depict how original a device us using the bnumber of SIMs available on the device? No not at all unless you quite less behind when it comes matters of originality. I don’t mean that the dual SIM gadgets are original, all of them but don’t believe that any Dual SIM smartphone is a fake phone.


Let’s look at it this way

I know almost no one in Kenya dwells on a single SIM. The personal preferences dictate this. For instance, one carrier can be having a better data plan but call rate are quite offensive. Well, you can pick out a SIM based on what you prefer. So apart from having two phones both single SIM, you can choose to have a one dual SIM since the latter is expensive. Believe me you having a DUAL SIM phone saves you much apart from having a two smartphones because of sim cards.

Originality; a myth or fact?

Based on my opinion and a fact, originality is not based on the nnumber of SIMs a phone can take. So don’t be the mythical type going around saying dual SIM phones are fake.

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The Pros n Cons of Dual SIM

1. Number one is flexibility. You can choose two different carriers without the need of carrying two single sim
phones. Ex. One with better connectivity at home and one with better connectivity at office Or one for personal use and one for office use Or one with better call rates and one with better data packs. You get it. Complete freedom !
2. At airports or free WiFi zones. Ever been in a situation where your free WiFi quota is finished? A dual Sim phone can help you here. Generally, wifi providers send a otp code as an SMS. If you have two sims running, well, you can enjoy double the amount of free WiFi. 🙂

1. Though there is decent level of customization available, Android is still not intelligent enough to automatically decide which sim to use.
2. Battery Strainer. Being connected at two different networks simultaneously takes a toll on your battery and it
drains relatively faster. (Though second sim slot can very
well be disabled in the settings; thus making it effectively a single sim phone)
3. Low developer support. Many apps lack support of dual Sim such as Whatsapp.

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