Sing Plus Free Karaoke recorder and downlod app

Sing Plus is a free Karaoke community app that does allow users to sing along their favorite songs. Sing Plus apart from singing along, it also allows you to record your favorite songs. You also have room and are free to publish them to online users (fans) all over the world.

First launched on 20th May 2017, Sing Plus has made tremendous steps in the category of Music and Audio apps. Sing+ has been featured on Google Play Store in several countries in Africa, these include; Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and even Tanzania.

Sing Plus boasts of having over 110k free trending karaoke tracks in Africa. This doesn’t online include English songs, the app also features Swahili songs. Another fine thing is that you can to record and playback your recording even without internet connection.

As a surprise though, Sing Plus (Sing+) the free karaoke and sing along app, has traversed several apps and even managed to be ranked top 4 in the Music and Audio apps under just 1 month in Kenya. Leave along that the app has also gone miles in Nigeria and s among the Top 2 apps in Nigeria and that’s just within two months.

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Sing Plus Picks

Features of Sing Plus (Sing+) Free Karaoke App

Unlimited Music Tracks (Over 110k tracks)

Sing Plus app contains more than 110,000 free karaoke tracks. These tracks covers a wide range of languages. These tracks are characterized by both Swahili and English songs. The tracks are picked from all over Africa.

Edit like a Pro DJ

You definitely get the feel of a studio. With the studio like sound effects, you get to record great sounds. You have the chance to make a recording whose sound effects matches those a real studio with just the Sing Plus app. You can customize your recording using the volume controller. Still you can set audio covers and you can balance everything using the equalizer.

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Sing Plus Recording


Publish to Fans

You can build a wide fan base with the Sing Plus app. After recording your favorite songs, you have a chance to publish your sounds online. With this feature, you have the chance to build a fan base and get how they feel through their reactions. Apart from publishing to the SingPlus community, you can also share to favorite social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

No Internet? No problem

Do not worry of not being able to record your favorite song because you lack internet connection. With Sing Plus, you can record, playback and re-record without requiring an internet connection.

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Community Engagement

You can engage with your karaoke community. This however is only possible with internet connection. You will only get notifications from your fans when you have internet and not every time. You get room to follow your favorite arts, like, comment and even download songs.

Sing Plus Songbook

Enjoy the much fun that comes with being fans. Sing to your favorite tunes with Sing Plus and challenge your favorite musicians and also build a base within Africa and the entire Sing Plus community.

Sing Plus Category

Download the App and sing along other favorite Music lovers. Access the Sing Plus App website via this link.

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