The world has turned just into a small village with the advancement in the spectrum of technology. Technology has simplified everything while amplifying output which has reduced miles to just millimeters. With the birth web space, it is completely vague to conclude that the world isn’t a small village on a table. Millions of transactions happen around the world every second and now with the increase in web stores and other stuff, you will find that online transactions have tremendously increased over the years. But are your online transactions really safe? Do you know how to go about it to make sure that your transaction details are safe with the person or company you’re working with?

Payment forms have changed over time and now they have been simplified to just a click away from hours, days and even months for a transaction to be through. As things get simpler with technology, thieves and scammers too are not sleeping and that’s why it is a good practice to know which kind website should you trust with your information. The number of people who are aware of internet security has risen but still we have vulnerable individuals who actually understand nothing about online shopping.

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How secure are your online transactions?

Thousands of online retail shops are available but are they really safe? Should you trust them with you money information? Extra caution should be employed when it comes to handling finances. You should be well conversant with the kind of e-commerce shopping portal that you should trust with your money and the delivery of your product.

To give our readers value for their time, we have sampled out key areas that you should focus on to keep your online transactions just as safe as they should be. Like earlier articulated, scammers are out there and you should have a third eye knowledge to detect these kinds of people. Don’t be a victim of false pretense.

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Use the most Advanced Online Payment Systems

With the change in web diversity, there are more advanced payment systems that have been here for long enough to be completely trusted. Old payment forms such as PayPal, Payooner and Skrill are systems that you should use when handling payments for your online products. PayPal is the most trusted web payment system that experiences hundreds of thousands of transactions daily, to banks, top up with your credit card and more. Even gambling sites use PayPal as their main trusted payment method. PayPal slots sites have hundreds if not thousands of daily transactions taking place, so if they are endorsing this payment system as their most trusted one, you would have to be blind not to recognize its reputation.

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PayPal is advanced and far more secure as it involves confirmation of user details and also when it comes to verification, you need to be verified plus their website features hypertext transfer protocol secure (https).

PayPal is a widely accepted form of payment on all online e-commerce websites and that’s why you should sign up for a PayPal account if you don’t have one already.

Website Security Properties (SSL Verification)

The design doesn’t prove that a website is really safe. Extra security measures are employed by websites which handle customer transactions and deal with finances online. This adds an extra security layer to customer data; credit cards, PayPal account details, direct wire transfer and more other forms of data. How do you identify a secure web page; secure websites usually have an extra security feature, the protocol over which the website sends your information is what shows the security measures taken by the company in ensuring customer data is secure.

A domain looks like this and another one looks like this in this case you should determine that the first link is more secure than the second website. Always check the URL to identify if it has https (protocol) and a lock like simple just before the https. SSL certificates are what makes websites secure and safe. Some of the SSL certificates are offered by VeriSign, Thawte or Comodo and Symantec.

Type of Internet Connection You’re Using

It is completely out of order to try out a transaction online while connecting to a public network connection that’s Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi provides loop holes and crawlers can land on your information as it is sent over the web. Ensure you only use secure and trusted internet service provider at a specific location. You should do your best to ensure that you NEVER handle any transactions using public Wi-Fi networks.

Always Logout of your Accounts and Never save passwords

It is not so hard to get a password to that sensitive site. And it just takes a second for someone to transfer your few bucks to their account or misuse it because you left in logged in. Ensure you never save passwords to sensitive websites that have personal information that include your transactions details.

Keep Records of your online Transactions

Just like you receive bank statements of your account activity over a given period, ensure you keep track of your online transactions. This helps you monitor any unusual activity with your account and get total expenses and income. Through this, you can learn where you went wrong or how you lost your few bucks to some con men or online scammers.

Know the website you’re to transact on

Before handling any transaction, you should be well informed and know the location of each detail about the company you’re to transact with. A good company always has a privacy policy somewhere on the website. Ensure you go through it to understand how the company will handle your personal information once you’ve submitted your payment to them. A good website will have a robust privacy policy and it should not share your information with any third party, not even for a fee.

Secure Passwords while transacting

Use secure and advanced passwords

It is common for people to use same passwords on different systems in the fear of forgetting. This practice is not health when handling transactions online. Don’t ever use your name as part of the password, ensure you get rid of guessable passwords and never share your passwords unless they’re your next of kin (trustworthy) not just anyone, not even the company representatives.

On a finishing note, if you’re that kind of individual who does bank transfers and other transactions online including paying for products, I recommend that you should consider using most secure payment systems such as PayPal. PayPal is a widely-accepted mode of payment which has been implemented on more than 90% of e-commerce websites. PayPal goes ahead to provide monthly reports where you can view your transaction history. One other upper hand with PayPal is that you can withdraw to your bank account and also add funds from your bank account.

Online transactions are a challenge but as this article puts it, perform the best secure practices that will make sure your online transactions are safe. Always be on the lookout for any kind of scammers, and gather enough information about a business before reaching the extent of trusting them with your funds.


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