One of the coolest things we found in the update to Android 5.0 Lollipop was the animation from a menu bar to an arrow, one that everyone would like to see implemented in as many apps as possible.

Fortunately, Google appears to like this animation all the same, and today, a Google Play Android update has been released with this change – the animation’s inclusion – as well as the return of the search bar of yore.

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Google Play update has a search bar and logo before the search bar

Post-update, Google Play should look a bit like the header image. It does seem to look more elegant than previously, and it perhaps better serves its brand image by displaying
the Google Play logo in the search bar.
And of course, it’s also likely that there’s all sorts of added utility by simply having the larger search bar without having to hit the magnifying glass like in current builds.

The image of the update was shared by Googler Kirill Grouchnikov, who didn’t make it clear whether this update has begun rolling out or not. If it hasn’t, it only makes sense that Google would like to kick off the update process as fast as it can, so it’s likely the Google Play Android update from today will be available for your device very soon.

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Via: Kirill Grouchnikov


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