Sarahah gets many Excited, The Anonymous Feedback Tool (Messenger)


Places where anonymity is guaranteed and seems a better practice is when employees submit their complains, feedback and anything within an organization. Sarahah as the name suggests, the first thing that will ring through your mind is “Why Sarah? ” Sarahah is an Android and iOS app with millions of downloads on both platforms. On Android, Sarahah has over 10M downloads.

One Twitter user, Tawfiq is the founder of Sarahah on Twitter the platform that allows for users to anonymous send messages to other people. These messages maybe compliments, feedback on service, inquiry or just for fun.

Sarahah anonymous app takes many by storm

Sarahah seems to me just like a prank. This is where those crush, get the chance to put you to test since you don’t know them.

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According to ZainaAlabdin, the founder, Sarahah is and can be used as a feedback gauging tool. This app is a revolution and this is one kind of thing people will love because of the anonymity.

Sarahah anonymous app takes many by storm

Sarahah anonymous app takes many by storm

Sarahah anonymous app takes many by storm

The app doesn’t share any user’s information with anyone. As a user currently can only go through the messages that have been sent to you. You can check those you sent out but you cannot reply to a message sent with anonymity.

In times, when apps require users to pay for anonymity in order to send or secretly go through someone’s profile, Sarahah is the change.

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Sarahah anonymous app takes many by storm

when you launch the app for the First time, you’re treated to a splash screen with three windows what basically Sarahah does. There after you get the login or register app activity. Once logged in, you will be landed to the messages page where you get to see new messages and those you have sent out.

You can allows users to check you out if they know your username. But still under setting you can choose to be hidden completely even if someone knows your name.

Sarahah anonymous app takes many by storm

You also have room to change notifications. Allow for email notifications in case of search.

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Search and Explore on Sarahah

These are pages too located within the app. Search allows your to search for specific users given their usernames.

Sarahah anonymous app takes many by storm

Explore just like in Instagram, you get a change to see through what people are doing and saying. This feature is coming soon. If it arrives the app might not be as anonymous as it has been.

Have you been on Sarahah? Have you received any questions or compliments or just anything? Share with us in the comments section below. You can also check us out and send in your questions.


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