Samsung Virtual Reality

In a YouTube video released on Saturday, Samsung demonstrated the first live-streamed virtual reality birth.

Samsung worked with Jason and Alison Larke of Perth, Australia, who on February 20 give birth to their third son, Steele. But Jason wasn’t present for the birth — he had to work in Chinchilla, Australia, that day, which is 2,500 miles away.

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Instead, Samsung set up a 360-degree camera in the delivery room and equipped Jason with a Gear VR headset. When Jason moved his head, he could peer around the room in real time. When Steele was born, he was able to watch the birth live and in 3-D.

“Jace was able to see our son born and experience the birth as if he was in the room with me,” Alison said in a statement.

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Arno Lenior, Samsung’s marketing chief, said the demonstration was intended to show “the potential of virtual reality and how this unique technology can address real challenges people face every day.”


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