It’s quite clear that Samsung Electronics have decided to open up Samsung Pay. Now with the news around the globe,  Samsung is working on an app “Samsung Mini Pay” that will be available for both Android and iOS.

The Samsung Mini Pay is believed to increase the number of transactions handled on Samsung Pay via online. Samsung Pay majorly has been used offline even after Samsung enabling online payment through Samsung Pay, the turn around has not been pleasing.

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According to an article on Etnews , a Korean tech publication; though not confirmed by the tech giant, the Korean company already has some companies on board with the app, including Hana Card and Lotte Card, with more considering getting involved.

Samsung Mini Pay’s purpose will be adding concrete to online payments. This is after the Samsung Pay failing to perform better since it is only available on Samsung Phones. Now any Android phone or iPhone will be able to use this feature.

The Samsung Mini Pay app will be able to use fingerprint authentication or a password/ID combo for phones without biometrics; once setup and cards registered, the app will reportedly work automatically for online payments, greatly reducing the hassle of using the app.

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The app is expected to hit stores as from June, 2016.


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