Samsung may be planning to launch new Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones — but only if Microsoft is willing to settle an ongoing royalties battle against Android devices, a new report claims. The South Korean company’s last Windows Phone device was launched last April.

Samsung Windows 8.1 Smartphone

Samsung has temporarily turned its back on the Windows Phone platform due to a legal scuffle with Microsoft that was started last August .

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Microsoft took Samsung to court
following its refusal to pay royalties on its Android-powered devices, and the software giant is currently seeking just
under $7 million in damages.

If Microsoft is willing to settle the case, then Samsung would consider making new Windows Phone 8.1 devices, Korea Times reports. The company is believed to have begun a Windows Phone 8.1 pilot program already, and it is interested in adding new Windows handsets to its already expensive roster of mobile devices.

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Samsung’s last Windows Phone handset was the ATIV SE,
which was last in April 2014 with the original Windows Phone 8 software.

The device is essentially a Galaxy S4
with Microsoft’s software instead of Google’s, but we’re yet to see a successor based on the Galaxy S5.

If Samsung can reach an agreement with Microsoft and it does return to making Windows Phone devices, then we could expect to get new products around the third quarter of this year “at the earliest,” the report claims.

Would you like to see new Windows Phone smartphones from Samsung?

Source : Korea Times


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