Samsung Galax Z4 is one mid-range smartphone  with a series of specifications. It is the latest to be launched soon in the Z-series. If you have handled the Samsung Galaxy Z2, this Galaxy Z4 too is similar in design with better storage and overall design. It has better specs than the Z2.

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The device has a 4.5 inch display screen with IPS screen technology. The resolution is a 480*800 pixels and the display quality is that of 720p. 

Samsung Galaxy Z4 is the latest smartphone to debut with Tizen OS v3.0. This is an improved OS chiefly customized for Samsung products alone. The OS has its own Tizen Store for apps. 

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Samsung Galaxy Z4; a new series in the Z-series priced downwards
Samsung Galaxy Z4; a new series in the Z-series priced downwards

The processor is a quad core with 1.5GHz speed. This means it can stand most appications with efficient multitasking. 

It features a 1GB RAM, with 8GB ROM. That’s not all, the device has an external storage slot with capabilities of taking up to 32GB. 


When it comes photography front, the Samsung Z4 is built with a 5 megapixels sensor on both the front and rear cameras. The focal point aperture is that of f/2.2 for both. It records videos at 1080@30fps.

It supports 4G/LTE technology, enjoy speedy and fast download/upload speeds. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hot-spot and much more with sensors like;  proximity sensor etc. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z4 will be on sale soon on this month of May. It has a lithium ion polymer battery that has a power capacity of 2050mAh. This can last you for a while if you’re not using 4G majorly for data or Wi-Fi. 

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