So far we’ve been referring to Samsung’s rumoured edgy Galaxy S6 variant as the Galaxy S6 Edge, but it seems that the phone might actually just be called the Samsung Galaxy S Edge.

That’s based on a listing for a Galaxy S Edge on Vodafone Netherlands, spotted by, so it comes from a fairly official site – or at least one which has likely been in conversation with Samsung about stocking the phone – so it could well be accurate.

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It makes a certain amount of sense too, given that the Galaxy Note Edge didn’t have a 4 in the name despite launching alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Without a number in the name it seems that Samsung is positioning it as a new line, rather than simply a spinoff of its Galaxy S line.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review (6)-970-80
Europe bound

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But this new information gives us more than just a name. It’s one more indicator that the phone actually exists and is going to see the light of day.

Better yet, its presence on a Netherlands website suggests it will get released in Europe too.

There are still a few things we’re not sure of though, such as whether it will have one curved edge or two.


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