Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gets outed with a new name Galaxy S Edge


So far we’ve been referring to Samsung’s rumoured edgy Galaxy S6 variant as the Galaxy S6 Edge, but it seems that the phone might actually just be called the Samsung Galaxy S Edge.

That’s based on a listing for a Galaxy S Edge on Vodafone Netherlands, spotted by, so it comes from a fairly official site – or at least one which has likely been in conversation with Samsung about stocking the phone – so it could well be accurate.

It makes a certain amount of sense too, given that the Galaxy Note Edge didn’t have a 4 in the name despite launching alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Without a number in the name it seems that Samsung is positioning it as a new line, rather than simply a spinoff of its Galaxy S line.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review (6)-970-80
Europe bound


But this new information gives us more than just a name. It’s one more indicator that the phone actually exists and is going to see the light of day.

Better yet, its presence on a Netherlands website suggests it will get released in Europe too.

There are still a few things we’re not sure of though, such as whether it will have one curved edge or two.