Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition is no more


A couple of days ago the Moto G Google Play Edition vanished from the Play Store forever, and now another
smartphone has had the exact same fate.

Samsung Galaxy S4. Google Play Edition

It certainly looks like Google Play Edition devices are going extinct soon. Today the Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE “is no longer available for sale”, to quote the exact language used by Google in its online storefront.

Sure, the S4 was getting quite old by now, but its disappearance from the Play Store means there is now only one GPE device left: the HTC One (M8). Read also about the HTC One M9. That’s a lot newer than the S4, so maybe it will stick around some more.

Either way, right now the Play Store’s Devices section lists just four products: the Nexus 6, the Nexus 9, the Nexus 5, and the aforementioned HTC One (M8) GPE. That’s it, no more.


This raises the question of whether the GPE program will continue, or if the One (M8) will be the last smartphone to be part of this initiative.


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