BlackBerry is a name that we don’t see frequently anymore. After many attempts to gain a larger share of the smartphone market, BlackBerry has continued to disappoint. BlackBerry
has also struggled to launch a successful tablet as their PlayBook is widely considered a failure. However, could the help of Samsung enable BlackBerry to get back on track?


BlackBerry has partnered with Samsung and IBM to create their new tablet the SecuTABLET. According to a
press release, the tablet is simply a modified version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.

Secusmart, a BlackBerry company, is presenting with IBM at CeBIT 2015, the SecuTABLET, a high-security tablet based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. With the new secure tablet
for national and international public sector markets and enterprises, data that is subject to special security requirements can be used on the move. Personal applications or those that are not additionally secured, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp, can also be used.

Simply put, the SecuTABLET is a super secure Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.1. Better security has become a flagship
differentiator of BlackBerry products. With the SecuTABLET, security is taken to the next level. With this new tablet, IBM’s software provides the ability to “wrap” secure apps from the everyday user apps such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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This separation keeps secured documents safe when a malicious app is downloaded. Stefan Hefter, Senior
Management Consultant with IBM, explains this a little further.

The wrapping process in which an app is downloaded from a public app store, bundled with additional libraries that encrypt its network traffic and intercept Android intents for actions
such as cutting or pasting data, then uploaded to a private app store ensures that corporate data can be protected at rest, in motion and in
use. For instance, it can prevent data from a secure email being copied and pasted into the Facebook app running on the same device—yet allow it to be pasted into a secure collaboration
environment, or any other app forming part of the same federation.

While it does appear that this tablet will be made available to the general public, Blackberry seems to be targeting government organizations to purchase the SecuTABLET. Keep in mind that this level of security comes at a price, it has been rumored that the tablet will be priced around $2,500; a
pretty penny for a secure variation of a $400 dollar product.


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