NFC Mobile payment platform is a payment platform that uses NFC support to display a pop up on the customers phone where they can enter a PIN. This is the same technology where Safaricom Mpesa 1Tap launched recently operates and is powered by.

Safaricom Mpesa 1Tap operates in the sense that; the vendor in this case supermarkets, mama mbogas and any other vendor who wish to use Mpesa 1Tap. These vendors will acquire a POS machine where they key in the total amount to paid by the customer. Through one tap a notification is sent to the customer’s phone where they are prompted to enter their MPESA Pin to authorize the transaction.

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Safaricom Mpesa 1Tap

Ronn Webb the Safaricom worker who has been behind the revolutionized Mpesa 1tap platform counts it a success. Even though the NFC based form of payment is not widely available it will soon be.

Forms through which Safaricom Mpesa 1Tap operates


  1. An MPESA 1Tap card
  2. A wristband
  3. A phone sticker.

To put in mind however is that, you cannot own all the three or two of the forms. You can only have either a Card, Wristband or the sticker.

Safaricom Mpesa 1Tap

Opinion on MPESA 1Tap

MPESA1Tap is not so new. The service has been in test and has been in existence for at least more than 1 year. A pilot study has been conducted to get its efficiency. The payment form will be much more efficient than the Lipa a Mpesa provided by Safaricom. Whether this form applies to feature phones will be known in due course.

I would prefer the Mpesa 1Tap to Lipa na Mpesa since the NFC based MPesa1Tap is efficient and takes less time. Instead of going through all the processes of entering the business or till number, the account number, enter the amount, enter pin and still provide the confirmation message to the vendor to enter the confirmation code.

Meanwhile you can learn more about the Mpesa1Tap which has been talked
about extensively on


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