Safaricom cuts Sambaza Internet to between 5MB and 10MB


Safaricom a telecommunications giant in the mobile technology both money transfer commands a large subscriber base in Kenya while it faces little from its rivals Airtel Kenya.


Safaricom in a move to curb its customers from migrating to the other network due to the UnlimiNet offer, introduced cheaper bundles inclusive of SMS (on-net sms).

This include daily, weekly snd monthly bundles with an additional night bundles or night shift that works between 10pm – 6am in the morning.


One of the daily bundles is a 50MB and 50 SMS at a rate of 30/-bob only.

However, due to the cheaper bundles Safaricom has seen an even more threat caused by the data sellers (bundles mwitu). This has caused it to revise down the previous maximum data to transfer from the 900MB to the least ever expected of only 10MB.



This is a move to bring this (bundles mwitu) to a complete demise as a fact. As a reaction to this, Coffek has created a petition online and also included Safaricom and CAK (Communications Authority of Kenya). This is aimed at compelling Safaricom to push back to the previous threshold of at most 900MB that was allowed in the previous months.

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