The S530 Mini Stereo Sound Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Headset is a smart ear in earphone that utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology as a basis of its performance. The S530 Mini Stereo is an ear in stereo system. With this gadget in your ear you can virtually take a call and also respond to call alerts.

The S530 Mini Stereo in ear headset has capabilities to notify you of notifying you in case of any call alerts. It’s convenient for you when you’re doing a sports training and at the same time also it’s suitable while driving.
S530 Mini Stereo Headset
Being a light weight gadget the device that’s the S530 Mini Stereo is might enough and portable too. With just 5 grams it is safe to stay in within your ear without any damage to your ear.

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Another smart technology about this gadget is that the S530 Mini Stereo Headset is capable of working with more than one phone. It takes up to two cellphones yes two.

With Bluetooth v4.0 technology, which is one of the smartest wireless technology that can be ever be used between two gadgets of distance less than ten (10) metres away.

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It is also a low power consumption device. It can be on standby for uptown 120 hours. That’s a pretty long time I think. The gadget also can work for 32 hours of continuous music playing.

The Technical Specifications of S530 Mini Stereo Headset

Basic Information Brand S530
Type Wireless Headset
Color Black, White, Pink, Blue,Gold
Wearing Type In Ear
Feature Mini Long Standby
Body Size 25 x 27 x 15 mm
Weight 5 grams
Price and Availability Price $9.06 (Kes 900)
Vendor Gearbest
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