Majority of Microsoft Windows users have had greater expectations of the Microsoft’s Project Spartan browser which is said to be up to par with the likes of Firefox, Chrome and many others with the capability of allowing for installation of add-ons. The Project Spartan Browser will be called Microsoft Edge.

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Project Spartan Browser will be called Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is set to break away from its old and almost outdated browser Internet Explorer as it introduces ‘Project Sparta’ browser in the upcoming Windows 10.

At Build 2015 today, Project Spartan Browser gets a new name, Microsoft just introduced it and said it will take up the name Microsoft Edge. Apart from that also Microsoft too time to show off some edge features such as support for extensions made for competing browsers.

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Microsoft Edge as it will be called will allow existing Firefox and Chrome extensions to be adapted with minimal additional effort.

Via: TheVerge

Source: Microsoft


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