Problems with Faiba

Faiba has several internet subscription packages. And trust me they were the best in terms of everything. I remember I would be called by Faiba to check on my problem and ask whether I was helped. But this is not the case nowadays. There are a series of problems with Faiba business that should be addressed.

Faiba Customer care are just something else. They are no longer great as they were. Their internet speeds have slowed down and they don’t do speeds they used to. And still they offer the best packages but they come with a little frustration.

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faiba rating on facebook
Faiba JTL rating on Facebook with 1.6 rating out of 5 stars

So what problems and concerns should Faiba address? Below we show you the problmes with Faiba business.

  1. Speeds

Faiba Network speed were excellent in the past. What speedtest would give you will just be the same speed you’re doing. But nowadays check the speed you get 10Mbps download and 2Mbps upload which cannot even stream anything on YouTube.

  1. Customer Care

One of the things that drive businesses in the reverse direction. Faiba’s customer care are a negative bunch of people. Nowadays you call regarding your issue and they seem to take like forever to handle an issue like billing which can be rectified just in a minute upon payment confirmation.

  1. Sluggish Billing Department

I can congratulate Faiba for doing best when it comes to disconnecting network with pending payments. But I think that should be reflected after payment. I have like for the past 3 moths had to call Faiba to have them restore my connection after every payment. And it does not happen that fast. To attend to your query, they take quite a long time.

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Faiba JTL

If Faiba does simplify these issues they will reclaim the much-lost glory. Just check out the negative reviews on their Facebook page. Nowadays it seems like their twitter account is for Faiba 4G the new network queries and not for the business part.

I contacted them via Twitter thinking they would reply back. Only to do so after like 4 hours.


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