The Google Play store is looking for a way to help developers get their all noticed through search queries. Given that there are millions of apps on Okay Store it’s hard to find someone’s app easily or directly through the search option.

Users will somehow find what they are looking for – either by an extensive search, or by following weekly new app reports – developers are definitely having a hard time getting their app noticed.

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PlayStore to display sponsored apps on search query results

Google seems to be working on a solution for that problem – soon, we should start noticing sponsored results for our app queries, nested on the top of our results lists.

The new feature should help developers get discovered for a certain price, though, we are not aware of the cost, and we don’t know what kind of model Google will be employing – pay per click, per impression, or just over a time period.

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We’re also curious to see how exactly the Play Store is going to start dealing with the sponsored ads, as more and more developers start paying for some first page space.

Our best guess is that the app will only reserve the top two spots of a list for paid results, and circle through valid candidates to display on some randomized (magical) principle.

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Source: Android Developers