Photo Noise Reducer Pro
Photo Noise Reducer Pro

If you were to pick one feature in your Android smartphone that has left you wanting, it would be camera. It is at least the case with me.

Contrary to Apple, Google license its OS to smartphone manufacturers, so it’s up to them what hardware they provide to the end-users.However, Google has a Nexus phone that gives a stock Android experience and that manifests the highly successful closed-knit hardware and software model.

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The options are virtually unlimited, but users are not happy with everything they get (no smartphone is perfect… hold on for a moment…what is the definition of perfect by the way?).

The camera is long touted as still-a-lot-to-be-done in Android phones. Thankfully, there are thousands of apps in photography category; some adds to the capabilities of a camera, while some are there to process the photos and give them a somewhat better look.

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Photo Noise Reducer Pro by Systweak Software is a popular application that claims to remove noise from your digital photographs. (Noise is the presence of colorful and irregular speckles, which is also known as grains, in photos.)

In this review, we will find out how to improve photo quality by removing photo noise.

Table of Contents for Photo Noise Reducer Pro – App to Improve Photo Quality

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Basics first… The Design and the Interface

The smartphone applications are there to make your tasks easy. Photo Noise Reducer Pro nails it, as it has a clean and simple layout that allows users to do more in the minimum number of taps.


The noise reduction process is automatic.You can reduce noise in photos easily. There are no annoying filters, sliders or intimidating jargons. Just upload a pic, select an option, and the result is there in front of your eyes.

How it Works

You must open the application, choose ‘Gallery’, and pick a noisy image.Then, you can choose one of the three modes of noise reduction that are ‘Light’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Custom’.


As it turned out, Light mode works brilliantly for most of the grainy photographs. It reduces the noise to significant levels without impacting the other details too much. If you are satisfied with the camera quality of your smartphone, you may never need the other two modes of noise correction.


‘Medium’ does impact the image details as it could make some photos too soft for anybody’s likings. That being said, if your images are shot at night or in very low light conditions, the grains could be so many that you won’t mind having a not-so-vibrant image as long as noise is not present.


Custom has a slider for noise correction. You adjust the slider and the image is processed accordingly.

The ‘Smooth’ slider rests on the bottom of application’s window,and it can be used to balance the colors of an image to make it more soothing to eyes.

There is a barebone in-app camera from which you can click an image and transport it directly to the app for noise-processing.But I would suggest you to stick to your phone’s camera, and only if the image comes out as noisy you should import it to Photo Noise Reducer Pro.

After the processing completes, one can compare the original and the processed image and save the new image if the results are satisfactory.

The Results

I used all the three procedures of the noise-correction. Light worked amazingly well for almost every grainy photo that I had in my Picture gallery. But images do lose a bit of details when acted upon by ‘Medium’ mode.

Ultimately, Custom is all about how you would like to see your final processed image. The corrections are quite sensitive to the slider’s movement, and even a little movement gives a proportionally different result.

Photo Noise Reducer
Figure 1. For testing purpose I used a really noisy Image from Internet and applied Custom mode.


Figure 2. It takes a few seconds before processing the image.
Figure 2. It takes a few seconds before processing the image.


Figure 3. The custom slider reduced the noise significantly.
Figure 3. The custom slider reduced the noise significantly.


For a pretty everything-automatic app, Photo Noise Reducer Pro is brilliant. Granted it does not have a big domain of features, but it does have what it claims. The process of removing noise is so simple that you may not think twice before testing whether your images look better after going through the application.

As it is free and shows no ads, we term this app as a MUST for your Android phone.




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