Fero A4501 Review, Features and Price

Fero Brand has a couple of entry level smartphones in its portfolio. Fero A4501 is one of the few entry level devices by Fero. The device plus of a smaller screen...

Fero Royale X1 LTE Full Specifications and Price

Fero Royale X1 was among the first Fero device with a display at 5.0" inch launched in Kenya. The handset the Fero Royale X1 LTE is a 4G enabled handset that...

Fero A5005 Review, Features and Price

Fero Mobile first came to Kenya last year. The country received Fero with the introduction of classy smartphone the likes of the Royale series. It features a 5.0 inch screen. Fero...

Fero A5002; 5″ Android M and 1.3GHz, Specs and Price

Fero A5002 is the second device in the family of Fero Aura. The device follows the Fero A5001 that was unique and much smaller in size. Fero A5002 sports wonderful and...
Fero Phones prices

Fero Phones Prices in 2018 in Kenya

Time to do a price check for Fero phones. Fero Mobile is a brand that entered Kenyan market with a few days ago. Fero Devices include Royale series, Pace series, Power...
Fero F1100

Fero F1100, A Nokia 3310 Look Alike Specs and Price

Fero Mobile launched a new device in the near past. The phone is not so special in properties. Fero F1100 is a feature phone that borrows the design of the latest...

Top 10 Under 5k Smartphones during Jumia Black Friday

From information I have gathered from all over the internet and books, offers ate the best thing to have ever happened. Jumia Black Friday is one such event that gets users...
Top 5 Fero Phones

Top 5 Fero Phones Review, Specs and Prices

Fero Devices is not a new brand in Africa especially in Kenya. The smartphone brand launched back in 2016 as Midcom East Africa which brought along these unique phones. The first...